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Dear valued patients, professional colleagues, and friends,

We are so happy to resume practice. If we cancelled your appointment due to the
Covid19 closure, you will be hearing from us to reschedule your appointment.

We are, of course, incorporating best practices recommended by the ADA, CDA,
CDC,and OSHA including amongst numerous modalities and protocols :

· No waiting room
We politely ask you to arrive exactly on time and wait in your car until we call
you to let you know that we are ready for you. You will be warmly welcomed,
with no wait, and seated in the treatment room promptly. The CDA
recommends to please visit with no additional friends or family -only patients
with an appointment.

· Mandatory wearing of masks for all patients prior to entering the office
We ask you to wear a mask prior to entering the office and to keep it on until
you are instructed to take it off.

· All front desk transactions will be done over the phone
Your time in the office will be spent on dental treatment only, any front desk
transactions will be handled over the phone.
We will call you 1 day before your appointment to confirm. At that time:
We will make your next appointment and we politely ask you to pay for your
estimated co-pay including the $10 additional COVID19 PPE fee.
We also ask you to update your health history form online, if you prefer we
can email you the forms.

· Mandatory health history patient screening questionnaire we will provide
you prior to visiting and at your visit to our office.

· Temperature taking at your visit upon arrival, prior to entering the
treatment room

· Pre and Post treatment antibacterial rinse
The rinse is a solution with bleach to kill bacteria in your mouth a mint flavor
can be added if you prefer

· Reduce Aerosol
At this time, to reduce the amount of aerosols, CDA recommends to omit
polishing after your dental cleaning and that ultrasonic cleaning not be

We very much look forward to seeing you soon and remain your loyal dentists.
Most sincerely,


Dr. Vasi Bazos
Dr. Barbara Grace